Conflicts in Closely-held Companies

As a response to pressures caused by Covid-19, acts or conduct relating to the company’s affairs may occur which cause a family member to believe it has been unfairly discriminated against or unfairly prejudiced.

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Government Intervention With Commercial Leases

There is no perfectly symmetrical approach to appease all stakeholders; some will feel hard done by. But before we reach for our pitchforks, it’s worth working through various reasons for this decision, what it means in real terms for different stakeholders, and how it might play out in practice.

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Lateral Lawcast

Director Shane Rohde launches the Lateral Lawcast with a fantastic in depth discussion with John Banks.

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The information in this blog is of a general nature only and does not constitute legal advice. We strongly recommend you seek actual legal advice if you wish to set up a Family Trust. For further information contact Shane Rohde on - 0275 123485. Alternatively, the contact email is - [email protected]

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